AIIHE offers a range of advice and support to students, to assist them in settling in to study and new life experiences. These services range from general support and advice in finding accommodation, access to casual work, answering questions about your program of study through to academic advice and learning support to meet your needs and help you succeed.

AIIHE provides the following types of support to students:

  • Academic Support
  • Non-Academic Support, including:
    • Wellbeing Support
    • Accommodation Support
    • Special Needs Support
    • Hardship Support
    • General Support

While all staff of AIIHE are committed to supporting students, AIIHE has established two specific positions to support students; a general Student Support Officer who is the first point of contact for most students seeking support; and a specific Learning Support Officer, to provide academic support and indigenous student support.

AIIHE’s dedicated Student Support Officer is available to all students, by appointment, or during advertised hours.  The Student Support Officer is trained in providing a variety of student support services. The Student Support Officer will assess the support the student requires and if necessary organize an appropriate support service either internal or external.

The email addresses are: [email protected] or [email protected]

Table of Services and Support

Student SupportDescription
Student General Advisory SupportAIIHE recognises that students need ongoing support and advice from their time of arrival and enrolment through to the time they graduate.
The Student Administrative staff will provide you with advice in looking on your enrolment; making appointments for specialist academic advice; for accommodation and general help in getting settled in to your new life at AIIHE
Student Administration
[email protected]
Orientation and TransitionAIIHE provides a full program to welcome students to their study and life at AIIHE. This is available on campus before the study semester start and also as an online moduleOrientation Program
Counselling serviceAIIHE has an agreement with a local counselling service> Student who are experience personal or academic problems can make an appointment with this serviceCounseling Services
[email protected]
Disability and Accessibility Advice and supportStudent Administration
[email protected]
Student Learning SupportAIIHE provides a range of support for students to achieve academic success.
You can contact the Learning Support Officer to have an individual consultation or also attend the many workshops on offer
If you are having trouble with your grades your lecturer may also refer you to this services for help
Student workshops
Learning Support Officer
[email protected]
LibraryThe AIIHE Library is more than just a collection of text books! It is also a social, collaborative learning space ad provides online access to a range of materials to help you in your learning journeyLibrarian
[email protected]
Web and IT ServicesAIIHE provides a Help desk service for students who are experience problems with their access and the LMS. This is available during and after campus teaching hours.IT Service
[email protected]
Academic AdviceAll academic staff at AIIHE are required to be available for student consultation an advice.
Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your learning and address any concerns you may have about your study and course.
Student Consultation Policy
Student Administration
[email protected]
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