| On and around the campus

  • Walk briskly and confidently.
  • Avoid places where there are few people. Stick to well-lit pathways and avoid dimly-lit areas.
  • If you are walking at night, never walk alone. Instead, walk with a group.
  • If you are staying back late at campus, ensure that you inform your family or friends of where you are and when you can be expected home.
  • Do not leave valuables such as keys, phones iPads on display.
  • Take your laptop with you or secure it in a locked cupboard.
  • Report any unfamiliar individuals or suspicious behavior
  • When using headphones remain alert to your environment.

| Library Safety

The library is virtually open public space and provides opportunities for thieves to steal your belongings while you are away from your desk.

  • If you are leaving your desk, do not leave your bag unattended. Leave your belongings with a friend.
  • Keep your bags and valuables in sight or in physical contact with your body.
  • Should a theft or an incident occur, please report it to Security.

| Where You Live

  • When travelling around the area, where possible travel with a friend
  • Don’t leave external doors propped open. Check that they have locked behind you
  • Don’t open the door of your home to visitors you cannot see or don’t recognise
  • Advise visitors and unit mates to use the front entry where they can be seen
  • Lock your door when you leave home
  • Close your curtains when you are dressing or when you leave the room
  • Don’t leave valuable items where they can be seen from outside
  • If you receive nuisance or abusive calls, don’t speak to the caller. Hang up.
  • Don’t allow any tradesperson into your home who does not show their company’s identification.

| Your Car

  • Make sure doors are locked and windows are closed.
  • Don’t park in a remote location.
  • Don’t leave valuables in sight. Store all items in your car boot.
  • Don’t leave money or valuables in the glove box.
  • Never leave anything you cannot afford to lose in your car.