The following information will help you plan and prepare for studying with the Australia International Institute of Higher Education (AIIHEin Brisbane.


AIIHE is committed to assisting its students to make the transition to studying in Brisbane as straightforward as possibleAdvice and information will be forwarded to all students before departure, and students may contact AIIHE direct if their queries are not covered in the pre-departure documentationSome of the assistance and services AIIHE will provide upon arrival include:

  • Airport pickup : Upon request, students arriving from overseas can be met at Brisbane International Airport and transferred by car, bus or train to their prearranged accommodationNote that such a request needs to be made at least two weeks prior to arrival and that charges and conditions apply.
  • Essentials: Students will be assisted with fundamental needs, such as exchanging money, making telephone calls, and becoming familiarised with their new neighbourhood and transportation options.
  • Adjustment to Australia: AIIHE will assist in organising student accommodation in advance of arrivalOnce in Brisbane, AIIHE will assist students in establishing daytoday activities, such as banking and shopping.
  • Course and Enrolment Advice: Assistance is provided throughout the enrolment process to ensure each student is successfully enrolled and satisfied with their enrolmentDuring enrolment, students have the opportunity to meet academic and administrative staff and discuss any issues or questions they may have.
  • Orientation: The orientation period is an opportunity to become familiar with AIIHE, its campus, resources, key support contacts, support services (including health and legaland facilities, as well as meet fellow students and staffDuring this time, all international students will receive comprehensive information on the following:
    • Students rights and responsibilities
    • Avenues for complaints and appeals
    • Legal requirements associated with studying in Australia
  • Academic and English Language Support: At AIIHE it is our mission to assist you to succeed in your chosen course of studyTo this end, we provide ongoing study assistance with all aspects of teaching and learning, in the form of counselling, tutorials, workshops, and other forms of consultationSome of the study and research skills in which support is offered include:
    • Referencing
    • Effective research strategies
    • Time management
    • Essay and report writing
    • How to avoid plagiarism
    • Giving oral presentations
    • Preparing for exams
  • Other Support Services: AIIHE recognises that transition to another country and culture can be a difficult and daunting time for studentsIn order to minimise the impact this may have, the Institute provides a confidential counselling service, which is available free of charge to students facing any issues of a nonacademic nature.
  • Facilities and Resources: AIIHE aims to provide contemporary facilities and accessible resources to both its staff and studentsThis includes:
    • Fully equipped teaching facilities
    • Computer rooms
    • Study areas and workspaces
    • An extensive and uptodate library collection including e-resources
    • Computers and software
    • Internet and email access
    • Photocopying and printing services
    • Common roomlunch facilities

Your safety and security are extremely important to us.  While Australia is generally a safe location it is important that you take the proper precautions to ensure your safety.  Please see the following website for more information: Study Australia